Selected policy options - by Jonathan Volt, BPIE

Mr. Volt introduced the 3 main paths identified, namely

  1. a policy option which leaves the decision fully up to MSs
  2. a policy option which provides a common EU reference framework for informing MSs’ decisions and actions
  3. a policy option which includes a direct requirement under the EPBD

He explained that for each of these paths two scenarios have been proposed and investigated, a soft one and a more stringent one, leading to a total of 6 analysed policy packages. Each of these 6 packages includes a number of supportive measures (enabling policies, financial and legislative support). The feasibility analysis was initiated with the definition of the status quo (no formal action at EU level, Germany and Flanders/Belgium already having a building renovation passport in place). The assumptions for each of the policy packages are summarised in the table below.

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